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The Splatsin Centre is a beautifully crafted 33,581 Square Foot building that highlights Splatsin’s history while also looking towards the future. With a truly unique design, the Splatsin Centre is the perfect venue for any event. 

Wanting to capture the cultural history of Splatsin, the buidling's roof was designed to resemble a Kekuli -- a traditional winter shelter used by Splatsin ancestors. Pictographs can also be seen on the exterior of the building, which further represent Splatsin's rich cultural history.  

The Splatsin Centre is designed to serve a variety of functions. With three meeting rooms, a large assembly hall/ gymnasium, audio and visual equipment, and a commercial sized kitchen, the Splatsin Centre can accommodate meetings, banquets, weddings, concerts, conferences and a wide range of additional events. 

Cultural Impact

The Splatsin Centre is expected to have a significant impact within the local community of Splatsin, Enderby, and the Okanagan as a whole. The Centre will serve as a fantastic resource for Splatsin and its' members. 

It is expected that the new community building will help provide a lot of the things that are currently missing here at Splatsin at this time that are needed to attract off reserve Band members, including but not limited to:

  • A training facility for:
    • Commercial kitchen
    • Landscaping
    • Building maintenance
    • Event planning & set-up
    • Security
    • Program supervision
  • Providing a sense of pride in the community
  • A place for Splatsin to embrace and practice our culture & traditions
  • A gymnasium for the youth and students of Shihiya School

It is our understanding from economists that smaller urban centers are expected to shrink in size in the coming years as people seek out better job opportunities in larger cities. With this in mind, the construction of a community building becomes even more important in an effort to not only attract off reserve members to return home, but also to provide economic and training opportunities to Band members currently living on reserve.

It is also hoped that the community building will assist in making Splatsin a more attractive partner for economic development. In the near future as the community building becomes fully operational and attracts tourism to Splatsin it is expected that the community will finalize a land use plan to stabilize future long term development.

At that time the infrastructure for more residential construction can begin and Splatsin will be in a position to provide a stable, sustainable environment for the youth, families and elders of Splatsin.